How to unlock the secret email coupon.

We are giving you many amazing deals so you can talk longer with our beautiful girls. And we always send you an email about it so you don’t miss any of the new deal. We are also sending you emails about new girls that joined Delhi Sex Chat or Monthly newsletter with information about everything that happened that month.

Sadly a lot of emails we send you to end up in the promotion tab or even worse at SPAM. And that is a pity because you are missing so much.
We would like you to see you getting the emails and read them. And you can help us with it.

 You should unSpam us in your email provider. You will never miss any email from us.

How to unSpam Delhi sex chat

Below you have instruction about how to unSpam our emails based on your email client. You will be redirected to a page with detail instructions.

Why should you unSpam us?

To encourage you to unSpam us, we decided to give something extra to all of our email subscribers. Once in a while there will be a special one time deal coupon in the email that will give you extra credits. You won’t know when you will get it or which one it will be. That is the sweet surprise :)

Are you still hesitating? Ask our support if you need more explanation. But don’t worry, you won’t regret emails from us. You can always give us your feedback about what we should improve. We always listen to what you tell us.

Great News!!

We have a NEW Payment Provider:

 With Astropay you can pay with all India local payments option 

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