Dear Members,

A lot of you just love talking to your favorite girls for a long time, but found the cost of adding credit everytime a little too expensive. So for all our loyal members we have a solution now.

Gold Membership – We are offering all our existing members a chance to join up as a Gold Member. This costs only 29.95$ a month, but gives you 30 minutes plus 20 minutes free every month. Not only that, but you also then get 50% FREE additional minutes on any future reloads.

This way you can

1. Keep a check on your spending as you will have a fixed spend of 29.95$ per month and nothing more if you want.
2. In case sometimes you want to talk more – you can always reload more credit at a very discounted rate.

I hope this will make all you members happy.

Let me know if you have any questions or problems.

[email protected]


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Great News!!

We have a NEW Payment Provider:

 With Astropay you can pay with all India local payments option 

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