DSC Messenger Terms of Use

  1. This is a premium chat, please read the pricing menu.
  2. Be polite while communicating with the models.
  3. Don’t upload any picture or video containing public or holy locations.  
  4. Don’t upload any picture or video showing others but you.


All contents and materials provided on DSC Messenger, images, graphics, audio files, video files, and texts shall be used only for personal purposes. DSC Messenger is not responsible for the way the Customer uses the Services and Data. These materials shall be the property of DSC Messenger and are protected by applicable laws.

Content provided by the User on DSC Messenger, such as images, recoded audios, recorded videos, and texts must  NOT INCLUDE any other individuals but the User himself.

Images and videos of any religious/holy location are strictly prohibited.

Prohibited Activities.

Users are prohibited from violating any law concerning obscenity, including portraying sexual activities involving any person under the age of 18 years of age, rape, incest, torture, bestiality, fisting, necrophilia, any form of child pornography, urination, and/or defecation. Models are strictly prohibited from using any terms in his or her profile or in chats that violate or would suggest a violation of any obscenity law.


Prostitution. Models and Users are prohibited from using the Site to offer or solicit sexual services or favors, whether paid or unpaid.


Escorting. Models and Users are prohibited from using the Site to offer or solicit any offline or in-person activities. The Company reserves the right to construe virtual or simulated “in-person experiences” between Models and Users as actual offline, in-person activities.


Solicitation of Competitors. Users are prohibited from soliciting other Models or Users to use services outside of the Site or for recruiting Models for services that compete with the Site through their profiles on the Site or their Services to Users.


If the Company suspects that a User has engaged in any Prohibited Activities the Company has the right to freeze the User’s credit accounts on the Site with notice, suspend or terminate the User’s account on the Site with notice, and to take any other actions that the Company deems appropriate.

Violation of Company’s Goodwill.

Users are prohibited from associating the name of the Company or the Site with any activities on other sites or offline that violate or promote matters that violate, any law, this Agreement, or the Company’s Terms of Service or Privacy Policy. This includes providing any links to the Site on other websites that provide, endorse, promote, or suggest, any conduct that violates any law, this Agreement, or the Company’s Terms of Service or Privacy Policy.

The Company may, at its sole discretion, choose to monitor, censor, or remove any information or content present on or transmitted via DSC Messenger at any time at its discretion.

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