Looking for a Real Intellectual connection?

Our girls are craving for: Deep conversation, Mutual Respect, Unconditional love, An awakened mind.

There is no other WebCam Site in India like us.
Correct, we are an adult site, but, Adult WebCams is not the only activity.
DSC is online since 2013. We have 10s of thousands of active members. Many of them already become the best friends of DSC girls.
Any DSC girl can easily become your Next Door Girl or Next Secret Girlfriend.

Our girls and couples are real amateurs, they work from home, they live in India, and they are Indian only!
You can start SexCam instantly, and they will provide you with your satisfaction.
But, it does not necessarily need to go this way.  You can find friendship, then relations begin, after that sexual relation comes, fetish, fantasies, and more… at the end, you will have your Secret Girlfriend.

You are new on DSC?
You can start by spending less on a VoiceTalk, continue to Video, then, when you’re ready, try the XXX Video Call.


A new development by DSC. Exchange text messages, pics, audios, and videos with our models, even when they are not live on DSC.

The New DSC Messenger.
At DSC, we are following the new trend of OnlyFans and other social media platforms.
Adding a Messenger to DSC opens new low-cost communication options with DSC Models.

Now, you can send texts messages, trade pics, videos, and audio files with the models.

The beauty is, the models can be anywhere when they communicate with you, outside, at home, at work on a break, in the office, or in bed before they go to sleep… and… you can be with them on The New DSC Messenger.

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Lately, we added a new section to our site: DSC International, where you can call girls from all around the world. 

What is DSC International?

It is a brand new zone added to DelhiSexChat with a vast amount of International girls, couples, lesbians, and guys from all around the world.

All the hosts in DSC International are XXX videos.

Why did we add DSC International?

We believe that our Indian clients will be very happy to get the option to call also International girls if they wish. We now provide our Indian Customers the perfect package. Under the same account, you can call any Indian girl located in India, ( as you always could),  or call an amazing blond girl from Ukraine, do whatever you feel on a certain day or time. 
VIsit International ZONE


Our Payments Option

On DSC you buy credit via Epoch, or CecureCC our credit card processor.
It is secure and safe. Your credit card must support Online International transactions.  

Lately, we also added Astropay, Skrill and all Local Payments Providers, a popular payment getaway in India.


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Enjoy, DSC Team

Great News!!

We have a NEW Payment Provider:

 With Astropay you can pay with all India local payments option 

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