This week in Delhi Sex Chat, we would like to introduce you our new mobile sex chat operators.. Lovely, friendly, hot and sexy  four new girls which had join us lately..


First girl we would like you to meet is our Beautiful Umaya,

Umaya 700x700_15 700x700_17

Umaya is 20 years old from Kolkta.

Umaya believes in romance and she loves to make new friends.

When she talks to someone who remember his last conversation with her that thing may tern her on and she woul like to be in a long relation with him..

She speaks very good Hindi and little Bengali..


 Second  girl we would like you to meet is our Gorgeous Priyaa,

Priyaa 700x700_06 700x700_15

Pryiaa is 24 years old from Jaipur.

Priyaa is hot sweet girl with brown eyes. She loves going to the beach and to have a lot of fun.

Good and sexy smile could tern her on and she may talk sexy conversation with a man who has a good voice..

she speaks sweet Hindi with a very hot sexy voice..


 Third girl we would like you to meet is Sexy Pooja,

Pooja 700x700_05 700x700_06

Pooja is 23 years old from Delhi.

Pooja is a very sexy girl with a very big heart.

She likes all types of talking specially hot conversations and she would do any thing that makes you happy and satisfied..

She speaks Urdu, Hindi and English..


Fourth girl we would like to introduce you is our Horny Jenny,

Jenny 700x700_16 700x700_22

Jenny is 24 years old from Delhi.

Jenny believes in writing her own life story and she would love traveling around the world and meet special people.

A wonderful weather with a bottle of ‘Jack Daniel’s would tern her on and makes her more horny..

She speaks  great English and Good Hindi in a very sexy way..


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