DSC Models FAQ

You need to be Indian. You don’t have to live in India, Indians living abroad are also welcome. We accept 18+ years old females, couples, and transgenders. Everyone’s welcome!

Yes, you can create an account and connect from your mobile device ONLY!
In other words. If you don’t have a computer – USE YOUR SMARTPHONE!

NO! Models sign up is FREE. As a model you never pay money, you only EARN money.

Webcam modeling on DSC means chatting in a webcam chat with users and earning money. You can check our live chats and see how other models work at: https://dscgirls.live

No, you don’t have to. We have 3 calling options available for our users.

  1. Voice Chat – Only voice, the caller doesn’t see you.
  2. Video Call – A cam2cam chat, usually you show less need and there is no need for self-touch.
  3. XXX VIdeo Call  – cam2cam  adult chat. Although in many cases, models do not always get naked. Sometimes, users are willing to pay more for a good story, secret, confession… 

On your dashboard, you set by yourself the charge for each call type.

The 3 calling option is a unique method, brought to the Indian audience ONLY.  We are the only site to come up with such a method. It gives the option for a model to start with voice only and going future later. From the user side, he can pay less and get to know the model better.

No, you don’t. Showing face is your decision. You decide with whom and how. Your privacy is our first concern.  

You can work whenever you want! You are your own boss! No schedules, no minimum hours.
On your dashboard see the input text box: “I will be online at”.
It will be good to add your expected online timing, you can write in general, like:
I’ll come at night at 10 pm”.  It helps users to follow your working hours.

No! You’re personal information will not be public/published anywhere!
You will need to choose an Account Name and Profile Name. It has nothing to do with your real name.

Be confident that with us your account safety always comes first and something you won’t have to worry about.
Our site admin will ask you for an ID to make sure you are above 18 years old.

You get paid Rs.10 for each credit you deduct/take from the users.
You have 3 ways to achieve that:

  1. Private Calls.
  2. Tips.
  3. Premium content.

Private Calls

The main event on DSC. Users take you to Private Call:  Voice, Video, XXX Video.
You set how many credits Per Minute you charge for each of these options.

For example:
1 credit for Voice Call, 3 credits for Video Call,  and 5 credits per minute for XXX Video Call.


We recommend starting as same as the example above. You can set your charging numbers as you wish anytime from your dashboard.


Users can tip you whenever, while a call, or when you are online/offline –  anytime.
You get Rs.10 for each credit tipped. 10 credits tip = Rs.100. Simple.


Tips are the easiest way to earn money. You’ll need to be wise, to find your best way to convince users to tips. They tip models as a sign of appreciation for them sharing their shows and answering requests.
Users are not required to tip models. It’s optional.

Premium content

Premium Content can be a personal video, audio, or images of you ONLY.
You can add Premium Galleries to your personal page.  Galleries will stay on your page as long as you choose to keep it, ( you can remove a gallery anytime ).

For each gallery you create, you set up a price in credits.
If a user watches an 8 credit gallery, you’ll earn Rs.80, just like this, without doing anything g

According to DSC regulation, Premium Content must be you only. Please don’t publish fake content.

No. It is strictly prohibited to engage in any payment form other than tokens. We DO NOT take any responsibility for any payments such as Western Union, PayPal, or any other form of payment. Models requesting these kinds of payments or engaged in this kind of behavior will be banned from the site immediately and without warning. The reason for the prohibition is to ensure your safety as well as the safety of users.

1 credit = Rs.10  for the model.
That includes credits deducted from  Calls, Tips, and Premium Content viewed.

Usually, we send once a month. We believe is better to help our models to save more money and not spend. Although, we are flexible and according to special requests we can pay every 2 weeks.

It all depends on your skills, talent, dedication, and hard work. Good models get more than Rs.50,000 per month.  Very successful models can get over Rs.120,000 per month. It is highly recommended that you do not broadcast on multiple sites. Doing so divides the model’s attention and slows down the speed of the broadcast, resulting in unsatisfied users on every platform.

We are here for you 
DSC Team 
For more help contact:
[email protected]

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