Dear DSC Member,
We have a special offer for you:

You need to create a FREE Astropay Account!
And we will give you 30 Credits for Free!

What do you need to do?

1. Create an account on Astropay

  1. 2. Create a free account on DSC.
    3. Contact our 24/7 Live Support on the site and present a proof of your Astropay account.

    We’ll then add 30 credits to your account, and you’ll be able to call our models for FREE.

Why do we do it?
We have recently added Astropay to DSC, the results are great.  We have a good cooperation with Astropay and we want more members to use Astropay.

To use Astropay on DSC you must create an account on Astropay.
While doing that, Astropay will ask for online face verification. Personal details are saved by Astropay ONLY!
Some users don’t feel confident to do that while they come from DSC…
So, we said OK!  Create an account on Astropay externally.  

Go to Astropay and create an account.
(We are waiting for you here on DSC)

We are here for you only, 
DSC team 

Great News!!

We have a NEW Payment Provider:

 With Astropay you can pay with all India local payments option 

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