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This week in DSC we would like you to meet our hot live sex operator Kritika.. She is 26 years old Chandigarh sexy girl who works for us for a long time.. We sent her few questions and asked her to answer it honestly :)

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When did you start to work for DSC? Do you enjoy that?

I have been here from a long time now. probably more than a year. The best thing i like about DSC is that the callers decide which girl they want to talk to and can also have a small chat before calling. I love working here.

Do you like living in India ? In which city do you live?

Yes off course. I have been to many places but i feel the freedom and fun you can here can not be matched anywhere else on the globe. And specially in the city i live in. City beautiful – Chandigarh

What do you like to do in your free time?

 I spend a lots of internet. So making new friends on social network is a big time pass for me. Apart from that I like dancing, watching movies and hanging out with my boyfriend.

Do you like shopping? What kind of clothes do you like to wear?

Ya shopping is a big plus for me. Clothes,electronic gadgets,household stuff… I like to shop. I am usually in my casuals. so some trendy top and shorts in normal places. For some party or special events i prefer Salwar suits, some sexy dress or an occasional Saaree,,,

Do you have a boyfriend or a life partner?

Yes I do have a boyfriend. Also I am getting married in the end of this year.. So I want to experience some fun before entering the wed lock ;). The amazing thing is that my boyfriend is not the guy I am getting married to. sometimes I think what a nasty girl I am. hehe

How do you like to be spoiled by your man?

Oh definitely. I like men who can dominate me in the bed and treat my body parts the way they are meant to be treated. I mean yeah I want my partner to be dirty and wild.

Do you think men Enjoy talking to you? Do you like to know them first or straight to talk about sex?

Yeah.. Right from my school days. I remember boys fighting just to take the seat near me. Men enjoy talking to me because I always have something that interests them. What do I like to talk about.. ummm.. it depends on the guy.. With some guys I would like to get comfortable before we land in bed. But I like one night stands too.. So yes it can be either ways.

How do you talk and about what? Do you like the caller to tell you what to do or you prefer to tell him by yourself?

I prefer to talk in Hindi as I find it more dirty than other languages. But I can talk equally nice in English or in Punjabi. Obviously I am turned on by the dirty comments and calls I get so I want the conversation to be dirty and about sex. But I also like when someone tries to make a bond or friendship or even discuss his personal  issues with me. I like when a caller is very dominating, but I make sure to make him feel comfortable if he is too shy or nervous. I mean, first sex talk can really give you goosebumps, so I need to be very friendly and comforting at times.

Do you have permanent callers? What make’s them call you back again?

Oh yes. Actually I have quite a lot. I think they like the way I remember small things about them and care about them. I make sure that they get the best deal here and also try to give them some bonus credits whenever I can. I guess the fact that I am frank with my callers gets me more regular callers.

Do you moan? If your answer is yes do you think that you do that in a good way?

You choose any good porn movie and I can do it better than that. Oh dear.. I am too good at that. I can make guys cum just by moaning for a minute or two.

Do you touch yourself during the call? Do you really enjoy that?

Yes I love to do that. Mostly I join my room while I am fully or at least half naked. I like to touch my body while I am on call and if the caller is also giving me a good time I even masturbate along with him ;).

Did you ever get an orgasm during the call?

Yes couple of times actually. I remember a call that lasted for more than an hour. That was one of the best sex experience I have ever had.

Do you think that man’s dick size could be influencing during sex? do you like blow jobs?

Ok let’s just break the myth that the length of the dick could give you more fun.. I dont think the size of dick is as important as the energy of a guy. In fact I would prefer an average sized dick over a longer one. I like to be on top so a 6,7 or 8 inches is perfect for me. Yes blowjobs huh.. I think I’ve enjoyed sucking from the time I used to lick lollipops.. hehe.. jokes apart yes I am very good with my mouth.

Did you ever been with more than one man together? What did you feel then?

I did not like the idea of being with more than one guy until 2 years ago. My boyfriend fucked me along with his two friends as they let him fuck their girlfriends. That was a sort of swap club we maintained for almost six months. So I was used by 3 guys together on numerous occasions and since then I’ve become a fan of gang bangs.

Do you think big boobs are more attractive for men?

Oh definitely. I think the first thing a guy notices in a girl are her boobs. That is why I always like to expose a little cleavage whenever I go out as I like all the attention I get.

Do you like your body? What is the most attractive spot in your body?

yes i am proud of my body, I work out regularly and take care of my diet. By the feedback i have received from various people, i would say my boobs are most attractive.

Do you think that an Indian man is a good looking man? What can attract you by him?

No doubt in this one. Indian men are very good looking. I am attracted to guys with good physique and nice sense of humour. And when I am in a pub and drunk.. all that matters is a dick and a place to fuck ;)

Who can be your prince charming?

I am getting married this december, so i have my fingers crossed that he turns out to be my prince charming. But in general any guy who can make me laugh.. make me feel special and satisfy me in bed would be my prince charming.

What is the most wild thing you ever did?

Fucking on the terrace of my office building would definitely top the list.

Fantasy you wish to make true?

I want my partner to watch when I am being used by a bunch of unknown men. I hope this fantasy comes true some day ;)

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That is not all.. I have much more things to tell you about my self and my wild life.. about my crazy things and my mad fantasies.. So you’re welcome to visit my page and call me and let us have some fun together :)

These was Kritika’s answers for the DSC hot and sexy questions. Hope you liked that.
Wait for us next week with more.
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