Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are credits?

A: Credits are the pricing unit we are using on DSC. Credit price depends on your membership level. When you join DSC, you’re a Bronze member and therefore 1 credit costs $1. The more you call girls, the higher level you get and the cheaper credits become. When you get to the King level, 1 credit costs $0.5. Learn more about membership levels.

Q: How do I call the girls?

A: We have three types of calls:

  1. Voice – you can talk about anything you want, but it’s just voice. Like an ordinary phone call.
  2. Video – same as voice, but you can see the girl with her clothes on.
  3. XXX video – same as video, but she will take her clothes off.

On the homepage click on the girl you’d like to call. When you get to her page, click on the button below her image or video. You’ll be connected in a few seconds. If you face any issues, please contact us on Intercom (chat bubble in the bottom right corner your screen) or [email protected].

Q: I want to do a private sex chat with her, how can I?

A: Once you have credits, navigate to the host page and click on “XXX video” button which is below her image/video. You’re be connected after a few seconds. The first minute is for free. You can talk to her about anything you want. About your fantasies, sex or just chat. If you do not want to talk too much, you can just watch her. Basically, your wish is her command. Just connect to them and they will then do whatever you want. Just be nice to her, nobody likes rude people.

Q: How can I buy?

Navigate to Buy credits page, select the amount you wish to buy and click on “Get credits now”. You’ll be redirected to our payment process ( where you enter your credit/debit card details. After the transaction you’ll receive a confirmation to your email.

Q: Can I get free credits?

A: There are no free credits. We might offer you a small bonus here and there, but it’s usually conditioned by being nice to the girls and calling them often.

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