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We have launched a special Android App only for
DSC Members

DSC Friends App is like a “What’sApp” for DSC members. it has non adult layout.
Once you download this App you can:

[emphasis type=”primary”] * Talk with our girls anytime.[/emphasis]
[emphasis type=”primary”] * Become a friend with the girls you line[/emphasis]
[emphasis type=”primary”] * See  the online girls on DSC now .[/emphasis]

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At DSC we are constantly developing new features and products.

We know that DSC users like to communicate with our girls on their free time. You can even set up a date and you can be the first to catch them for a private chat.

Download DSC Friends and become a friend with any DSC girl. Then you’ll be able to chat with her any time and also to follow her status on

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Great News!!

We have a NEW Payment Provider:

 With Astropay you can pay with all India local payments option 

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