Oops… It looks like the transaction has not been successful!

In the recent days, Epoch has a problem with first sales, please try SecureCC

We have 3 billing processors:
Epoch, SecureCC, Skrill, and Astropay – All the local payment methods.

If you have failed to pay with Epoch, it might be because you are using a Local Debit Card
It is not a problem, we have all Indian local payment options Available via Astropay.

Please visit our Local Payments page 

The transaction has failed due to one of the following reasons:


Reason: You are using VPN – The IP is not from your country, transition denied because the banking system identified a credit card from India and an IP from another country.


Solution: Turn off your VPN and try again using your regular internet connection only for the purchasing – after that, if you wish, you can turn on the VPN again.


Reason: Declined by the bank – you are using a Debit Card is not activated for international payments.


Solution: Call your bank or check on your bank website and activate international payments for your debit card.


Reason: Declined by the bank – not allowed to buy more than a certain amount.


Solution: Try to buy again a smaller amount.


Reason: Slow internet connection.


Solution: Go back to the Buy Credit and try again in few minutes.


Reason: CVV is not correct.


Solution: Go back to the Buy Credit Page and try to enter the correct CVV number again.

If you want to change the purchase amount, please go back to the Buy Credit Page
We have a dedicated admin team to help you with this matter 24/7 online on the site.
Find them in this circle on the bottom of your screen  ->

Together, we can fix this matter and you will start having fun with our girls.

Great News!!

We have a NEW Payment Provider:

 With Astropay you can pay with all India local payments option 

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